Remembering Gary Moore

Gary Moore at Pite HavsbadGary Moore passed away on 6th February 2011. An inspirational guitarist to millions including myself. Here’s his awesome Hendrix tribute “Blues for Jimi” from 2007. Hope you’ve got a spare hour…

The first Gary Moore album I picked up was actually a live album called Blues Alive (1993). I had it before I even started playing guitar but it was an album I learnt a lot from when I did pick up the guitar. I also got a copy of After The War (2003) and those two albums perhaps perfectly demonstrate his versatility, moving from pure Blues to essentially Heavy Metal. He was a master of lightning speed and tasteful slow licks all amalgamated into one steady passage of superb guitar playing.

If you haven’t heard much from Gary Moore, I would definitely recommend you check out those albums above and pretty much anything else he did too. The YouTube video above is actually available as a DVD and it’s such a great demonstration of his ability to not only emulate the great Jimi Hendrix but also throw his own twist on it as well. It reminds me that even guitar legends such as Gary Moore ultimately also look up to the legends that have come before them. A truly worthwhile watch for any mood.

Guitarists, you can do a lot worse than studying Gary Moore’s playing style! I highly recommend picking up some of his licks and trying one or two of the more insanely fast runs as well, it’s a workout for guitarists of any level!

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